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      Our MISSION is to make and mature disciples from the neighborhoods in which we minister and live.


Lee Street is hosting a Four-Part Interactive Workshop on Immigration
Engaging immigration thought and discussion from a Biblical perspective. Participants will reflect on the Biblical mandate to welcome the stranger and consider what that means in our current context.

SESSION 1: OCTOBER 22, 2017 
Addressing the Brokenness of the Current System and Why the Church Cares
“My family waited in line, why can’t immigrants today?” An interactive exercise exploring how the U.S. immigration system works, its complications and injustices, simulating the challenges and complexities of “getting in line” to become a citizen.

Immigration Storyline
This session has been used by hundreds of groups across the U.S. to learn about the changing American immigration system, discover where one’s family fits in, and hear how God has used—and continues to use—the church.

How Did We Get Here?
A facilitated group activity on the particular challenges and opportunities resulting from immigration that are manifesting themselves in our communities.

Real Change
Now that we know, what do we do? Breakout group discussions for tips on taking action nationally, locally, or in your church’s congregational life and worship.

How to Register:
Call the church office at 616.241.2105 or email

A freewill offering will be taken to support the work of the CRC Office of Social Justice.
Light supper at 5:00 p.m. followed by a time of learning together.
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Prayer Page

Lee Street longs to be a “praying church.” By offering opportunities to pray and be prayed for, and by helping one another nurture our relationship with God through prayer, we grow in compassion and experience the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit.

If you have a prayer request or would like to participate in a prayer group, visit the Prayer Page.

Community Partnerships

Lee Street is thankful to partner with organizations and businesses in our community which help us be a blessing to one another.  Some of our partnerships include:

Godfrey-Lee Public Schools

Kent School Services

United Church Outreach Ministry

The Wyoming Police Department

and several more community businesses

For more information, visit the Community Partnership page.


Global Missions at Lee Street is a commitment to follow Jesus into places in the world where there is persecution, poverty and a need for the gospel. We believe the Holy Spirit is the key to the expansion of the Christian church and the demonstration of His life-transforming work. We support our missionaries with fervent prayer, encouragement, and our funds. Lee Street also supports missionaries in restricted countries which are unnamed due to security reasons.

Visit our Missions page for more information on our mission partners.

Activities and Events

Lee Street seeks to regularly get together to have fun, work, and develop friendships with each other in community.  Our projects include helping our community schools, community clean ups, recreational activities – like Sunday Night Soccer and Bikes-n-Bites – and more.

For more information on these activities visit our Activities and Events page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Check back soon for more information on the volunteer opportunities!