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Community Partnerships

Lee Street is thankful to partner with organizations and businesses in our community which help us be a blessing to one another.

Godfrey-Lee Public Schools
Being located next to Lee High School and Middle School allows us to have a relationship with school staff, teachers and students. Over time we have built trust and collaborated in many projects for the benefit of our community. We are honored to host several events at our church such as choir concerts and Baccalaureate for graduates. We have a great relationship with Godfrey Elementary and the Early Childhood Center (ECC). Our working partnership has allowed us to offer a family program (Family Leadership Initiative) in their facilities at the ECC. For the last several years we have met in their gym to offer a meal to families and also use their computer lab to help kids improve their math skills.

Website link:

Kent School Services Network (KSSN)
KSSN is a community school initiative. This organization partners with others to provide services needed by students. Our partnership with KSSN has grown in the last years. We volunteer at their events and they contact us when there is a need in the community to which our church can respond. Our collaboration efforts allow us to host a food truck in the church’s parking lot with volunteers from the church and school.

Visit their website for more information:

United Church Outreach Ministry (UCOM)
UCOM serves our community in many different ways: food and nutrition programs, a food pantry, educational programs for children and adults, physical activity classes, financial stability classes, and many other services. Our partnership with UCOM goes back many years. We serve on their food truck distribution days, help people in the community with small home repairs, or bring groceries to those in need from the Food Pantry we maintain in the church basement.

For more information on UCOM visit:

Wyoming Police Department
In the past we have hosted The Wyoming Police Department for presentations regarding crime and safety in our neighborhood as they continue to develop  and support Neighborhood Watch groups in our area. Together we seek to build up our community to be a great place to work and live.

Please visit their website link for any assistance:

Community Businesses
If you are ever in the Godfrey-Lee community, please visit any of the following businesses.
We recommend them for their commitment and support to our community:

  • Amaro’s Bakery: It is a Mexican Bakery/Grocery Store. You may find traditional Mexican pastries and 3 Leches Cakes. They have a meat market, vegetables, and traditional Mexican products.
    1961 Godfrey Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
    Phone: (616) 245-0890
  • Shelly’s Kitchen: Shelly’s is the breakfast restaurant to go to in our community. Shelly’s is the kind of restaurant where you will see the owner in the kitchen, at the cash register or cleaning tables. They serve omelets, burgers and sandwiches.
    Address: 1140 Burton St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
    Phone:(616) 247-1116
  • Roberto’s Pizza: Roberto’s is our pizza place. They have great customer service and are great supporters of our community. Enjoy great pizzas, sandwiches, salads, Italian dinners and more.
    1308 Burton St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
    Phone: (616) 245-1800

Other places to check out in our community:

  • Tacos el Caporal: Traditional Mexican food.
    1260 Burton St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
    (616) 246-6180
  • Taqueria Maravatio: Traditional Mexican food.
    1100 Chicago Dr SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
    (616) 475-9088
  • Pupuseria y Taqueria El Gallo: Traditional Salvadoran cuisine.
    1261 Chicago Dr SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
    (616) 322-8673
  • Supermercado Guanajuato: A local Mexican grocery store with a meat market.
    1411 Chicago Dr SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
    (616) 245-4201
  • Supermercado Mexico: Newly renovated with an authentic Latino atmosphere, Supermercado Mexico offers authentic products and a taco restaurant inside.
    1160 Chicago Dr SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
    (616) 245-7443